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Family Acceptance 
in the Desi Community

We seek to build a Desi Diaspora community that values, affirms and celebrates all LGBTQIA+ identities. 


Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies provides a supportive and affirming space for South Asian LGBTQIA+ people and their families to talk about family relationships and learn about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Desi Rainbow is currently only able to serve folks who live primarily in North America. As a mostly volunteer-operated organization, our capacity is limited. If you live outside of North America, please check out our resources page for other organizations who may be better equipped to meet your needs:

"It was a great experience to be able to talk to someone about what has been on my mind and was nice to know that community exists." 



Our community is primarily virtual and meets online for support and education. We host monthly support and discussion groups for the community and host regular education events, inclusive holiday celebrations and much more.


Donate today to help us lay the foundation of our community! 


We offer a variety of programs and support groups to fit different needs. See what works for you!

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